building a healthy and health-aware world

ārogyam (good health) is a dynamic balance of physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing that helps you to be centred, experience harmony and act with clarity, conviction and compassion.

YogaVahini teacher community will offer specialised small group classes through this initiative. Classes are carefully designed and curated by senior yoga therapists from YogaVahini.

Yoga for Beginners

If you are seeking to learn yoga the traditional way: discovering your relationship with your body, breath and mind through simple progressive Asana, Pranayama and Meditative practices, this is the course for you!

This course is designed to help you experience yoga in the  simplest form and progress at a comfortable pace.  It will enable you  to walk the path of self awareness and exploration towards knowing more about yourself and how to live a better life. 

Students in India

Students outside India (PDT / EDT / CET)

Yoga for Stress Relief

We experience stress in all walks of our life, which has taken diabolic proportions in the last year. High stress levels have serious implications for our health, relationships, roles we play and efficiency at work.  When you are able to release daily impact of stress from your body and mind, when you learn to perceive a situation with more clarity and calmness, your response to stressors will naturally change. Your actions will help you make better life choices, regain better balance and inner resilience.

Through this course, you will learn to manage stress & stress related issues through asana, pranayama, meditation & relaxation practices that can be integrated into your daily life. 

Students in India (IST)

Students outside India (PDT / EDT)

Yoga for Women's Wellbeing

Today’s women play multiple roles while meeting the demands of family, work and home. This course will enable you to deepen self-awareness towards better self-care: improving your physical, mental and emotional health.

Over the course of eight weeks, we will progress towards key postures that the classical Yoga texts recommend for women, for maintenance of general and menstrual health. We will also engage in simple self-reflective and ayurvedic practices that will help you build a better lifestyle. 

Students in India (IST)

Students outside India (PDT / EDT)

A Course in Pranayama

Our breath is our companion from the moment we are born until the last breath but we are mostly unaware of  it. Pranayama is the process of befriending our breath and harnessing its power towards immense physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

This course will teach you how to breathe better by replacing unconscious, unhealthy breathing patterns with conscious breathing that sets the tone for holistic wellbeing.  Over the 8 weeks of regular practice, you will learn to build a strong daily pranayama practice that can be your best investment for good health and balanced life. 

Students in India (IST)

Students outside India (PDT / EDT)

Personalised Yoga Training

YogaVahini is a centre for specialised Yoga therapy, training and research. YogaVahini was born out of close to three decades of study, practice and teaching of yoga in the very unique tradition of Sri.T.Krishnamacharya and Sri TKV Desikachar that respects and honours each individual’s uniqueness and specific strengths and challenges.

Specialised Workshops

YogaVahini offer special and advanced programmes for teachers, trainers, therapists and therapist trainers designed to explore important concepts in yoga and yoga therapy.

Teacher Training Programs

YogaVahini offers Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist Training Programs with international certifications (Yoga Alliance & IAYT) for serious aspirants who wish to embark on the path of being yoga professionals and therapists.