Today’s women play multiple roles while meeting the demands of family, work and home. This course will enable you to deepen self-awareness towards better self-care: improving your physical, mental and emotional health. Over the course of eight weeks, we will progress towards key postures that the classical Yoga texts recommend for women, for maintenance of general and menstrual health. We will also engage in simple self-reflective and ayurvedic practices that will help you build a better lifestyle.

Who is it for?

> This course is suitable for women in the age group 25-45.
> No pre-requisite background in yoga is expected.
> This course is not for people with health issues as you will then need one-on-one attention and personalised practices. 


> Improving flexibility and strength
> Reducing general aches and pains
> Maintaining hormonal balance
> Improving menstrual health
> Deepening awareness of your own body, breath and mind
> Empowering you towards better self-care and inner strength 

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