Our breath is our companion from the moment we are born until the last breath but we are mostly unaware of  it. Pranayama is the process of befriending our breath and harnessing its power towards immense physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

This course will teach you how to breathe better by replacing unconscious, unhealthy breathing patterns with conscious breathing that sets the tone for holistic wellbeing.  Over the 8 weeks of regular practice, you will learn to build a strong daily pranayama practice that can be your best investment for good health and balanced life. 

Who is it for?

> This course is for all those who want to breathe better and can commit to working with this subtle tool through regular practice.
> You can  start your pranayama journey with us and learn to progress step by step.
> If you have already been practising some form of pranayama, want to review, refresh and perhaps relearn some techniques, this course is ideal for you.
> This course is not for people with health issues as you will then need one-on-one attention and personalised practices.


> Pranayama is the best way to detoxify your body, mind and senses.
> You can boost your immunity, achieve better respiratory and cardiac health.
> Your digestion and elimination can get better and skin improves.
> Helps to reduce excess fat and achieve lightness of body.
> Helps manage blood pressure and blood sugar levels and reduce stress.
> Clears and stabilises the mind, improving emotional resilience. 

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We have two batches of this course.
Morning Batch -  07:30 EDT (Mon, Thurs)
Evening Batch - 18:00 PDT (Mon, Wed)
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